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Flatten CSS imports


Avoid unnecessary server roundtrips by applying a PageSpeed recommendation.

Tuning the optimization

This filter listens to the following setting:

pagespeed CssFlattenMaxBytes bytes
This is the maximum size in bytes of the flattened CSS; if flattening would result in CSS larger than this then flattening will be aborted and the CSS will be left unchanged.


flatten_css_imports parses linked and inlined CSS and flattens it by replacing all @import rules with the contents of the imported file, repeating the process recursively for each imported file. It works on CSS found in <style> blocks and <link> references.


For PageSpeed on IIS and PageSpeed on ATS

pagespeed EnableFilters flatten_css_imports

Enabled by default via RewriteLevel CoreFilters

pagespeed DisableFilters flatten_css_imports

Risk Classification


Examples that demonstrate optimization in real time are available here.

PageSpeed optimization, powered by the official Google PageSpeed SDK

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