PageSpeed & IIS

Automatic PageSpeed optimization module for Microsoft IIS

IISpeed is a port of mod_pagespeed to Microsoft IIS by We-Amp. It automatically optimizes web site output of Microsoft IIS for bandwidth and latency, in order to improve user experience and comply with best practices.


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Technical deep dive

Google published a GDL episide with a technical deep dive:

GDL episode on mod_pagespeed

Case study

We collaborated with Google and SunStar Media to conduct a test to measure the real-world effects of PageSpeed optimization with IISpeed on conversion rates and overall site speed.

Setup & configuration

The server module gets installed through an installer as a native http module on Microsoft IIS. Configuration is done through simple text configuration files.

Optimization Examples

Examples of applied optimizations can be found at

Supported technologies

  • Classic ASP
  • PHP on Windows
  • ColdFusion
  • Plesk on Windows
  • Sharepoint
  • or any other technology running on Microsoft IIS.