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WebP is a relatively new image format which can be used instead of the jpeg and png file formats. On average, image file size can be reduced by 30%-35% using WebP.

Optimizing images can really enhance the experience of users on your website, as it can greatly decrease the total weight of a page. This is especially true for mobile users and low bandwidth connections.


Enabling convert_jpeg_to_webp allows a jpeg image to be converted to a lossily-encoded webp if the brower supports this format ( list of browsers supporting webp ). For browsers which do not support lossily-encoded webp, this option is ignored.

With this option enabled, a gif or png image can also be converted to a lossily-encoded webp if the configuration allows it to be converted to a jpeg (i.e., if convert_gif_to_png and convert_png_to_jpeg are also enabled), and if mod_pagespeed considers that the image is not sensitive to lossy compression noise. It does not matter whether the gif or png image has transparent pixels.


Enable pagespeed EnableFilters convert_jpeg_to_webp
Disable pagespeed DisableFilters convert_jpeg_to_webp

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