Statistics Page

Admin Interface

PageSpeed statistics admin page

The statistics page shows server statistics since startup, such as how many resources are being optimized by filters, as well as various latency and cache effectiveness metrics.
The provided statistics can be enriched by enabling latency instrumentation.

Enabling statistics tracking

The following configuration enables statistics tracking

pagespeed EnableStatistics on

Enabling statistics logging

The following configuration enables statistics logging. This will store a snapshot of the statistics to disk periodically for displaying historical data.

pagespeed StatisticsLogging on pagespeed LogDir c:\log\pagespeed

By default PageSpeed collects cross-process statistics. PageSpeed on IIS v 2.0 uses a shim here, and collects statistics separately in each process. While they're mostly intended for debugging and evaluation, the PageSpeed Console depends on them, and statistics are also necessary for limiting concurrent image rewrites and background fetches. It's not recommended to turn them off, as their performance impact is minimal, but if you need to you can do so with:

pagespeed Statistics off