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PageSpeed Optimization: Server Modules and Tools

Automatic PageSpeed optimization on the server

PageSpeed optimization Server modules enable your webserver to automatica;lly optimize delivery of web content over HTTP, HTTP/2, and SPDY. These modules provide a low-effort way to optimize and prioritize content delivery for the fastest page load times.

Brotli compression module

Brotli offers 20-30% smaller response sizes when compared to gzip for browsers that support it. Checkout our Brotli compression module for IIS.

PageSpeed Insights and YSlow analyser

You can use this tool to analyse and track best-practices compliance and performance of your webpages. The tool uses Google's official PageSpeed Insights and YSlow under the hood.

PageSpeed File Optimizer

For a semi-automated workflow, you can crunch your files for PageSpeed Insights compliance using our online file optimization service.

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