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Upcoming 0.99 beta release - highlights

Currently we are polishing our next beta release of IISpeed. I would like to unveil a little bit of what is coming up:

  • New filter: prioritize_critical_css: This filter will determine the css rules that are actually needed for the current page, and inline just that. The rest of the css is defered until after the page is complete. Real good stuff: this avoids barring the browser from starting to render the page while waiting on css it doesn't need, speeding things up considerably. Especially good for mobile user agents.
  • inline_images, inline_preview_images, and lazyload_images now use beaconing to determine what images are above the fold, speeding up things up by initially only downloading the images that are above the fold.
  • In place resource optimization: optimize resources directly, without changing the url. 
  • Shared memory cache: this allows setting up a fast cache that can be shared across multiple IIS processes.
  • Improved configuration inheritance
  • Webserver level configuration now is reloaded on the fly, without restarting
  • Now also configurable from response headers, so optimization can be controlled from script (or the origin webserver in case of Application Request Routing)
  • Supports cache flushing
  • Now defaults "avoid renaming introspective javascript" to "on"
  • Core filters are now enabled in the default  root configuration that we roll
  • Emit an ETag header from our static javascript handler, fixing a few lost pagespeed score point with defer javascript.
  • Fixes for A/B testing (furious experiments)
  • Styled some of the internal pages a little bit
  • Fixed statistics tracking when set up with only a LRU cache
  • Fixed javascript gzip compression
  • Our default root config now sets  MaxSegmentLength and MaxUrlSize to limits that are safe to use with IIS
  • Fix possible endless recursion issues when fetching stuff over the loopback interface.
  • Add library configuration for rewriting canonical js links to the root configuration file we roll
  • We made a decision to not support convert_meta_tags, as we think the effort required to support it does not outweigh the benefits.
  • Added InfoUrlsLocalOnly setting, defaulting to "on". This makes sure that /iispeed_message and /iispeed_statistics are only locally accessible by default.
  • Fixed a possible crash when the iis process is torn down
  • Added automatic inflation of compressed input. This is good for when the link to the content generator is low bandwidth (think ARR). It also makes us work out of the box when static compression is enabled, though we recommend turning that off when IISpeed is enabled.
  • These are just the highlights. As we upgraded the underlying PageSpeed libraries, there is lots and lots of more good stuff.
We intend to release this in the last week of this month. The current release can be downloaded from

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