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Optimizing Page Speed performance for



Recently we have worked together with The International Sports Sciences Association to optimize their website by appling automatic PageSpeed optimization via IISpeed and deploying a CDN. We nearly made the site show twice as fast!

Validating results

After we optimized, we used Google PageSpeed's split A/B testing framework plus Microsoft PowerBI to analyse the results. Summarized, the experiment we ran shows us that:


Averages don't really say it all though, because they are very sensitive to outliers. So here are some histograms that show how our work affected speed. The optimized histograms look much better.

First Paint Time Histogram

First Load Time Histogram

Page Load Time Histogram

First Paint Time Histogram

How would your website benefit?

Contact us to discuss your options, or run a free test to see what it would take for your website to comply with Google's recommendations. You can also try our PageSpeed demo service.

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