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PageSpeed service

Effortless experimentation with PageSpeed optimization on your website


We are pleased to announce that our new IISpeed Playground service has gone beta and public.
The IISpeed Playground allows experimenting with PageSpeed optimization from Google in an easy manner. You can get a feel for what it does without installing any software or deep-down technical knowledge.

Any website can be submitted, and will automatically be re-hosted on one of our machines. After submission, you will receive an email which contains a url where the PageSpeed filters can be configured.
The results can be seen at a seperate website. Your original website will be left untouched, so there is no risk in trying.

Comparisons can either be done manually by inspecting the optimized html sources and assets, or automatically with

Sounds good? You can try it here.

The service was built on top of ats_speed, our port of ngx_pagespeed to Apache Traffic Server.
At this point there are a few limitations on the service. For example, external content from websites shown via the service will not be optimized at this moment. We will continue to work on improving the service.

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