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Google PageSpeed Optimization and Apache Traffic Server: ats_pagespeed open source release


We are pleased to announce our open source release of ats_pagespeed. ats_pagespeed is a plugin for Apache Traffic Server that mostly ports ngx_pagespeed to Apache Traffic Server.

The combination of automatic web performance optimization plus Traffic Server's speedy http cache makes for a very fast web acceleration solution in one easy-to-use package. When configured as a reverse proxy, the port is able to optimize html either from the internal http cache or from the origin webservers as it streams in.

Ats_speed is implemented as an async plugin, and currently building against the trunk of Google's PageSpeed SDK. It is currently in beta, and running production on IISpeed's demonstration service.

We would specifically like to thank Jeff Kaufman, because a lot of his work on ngx_pagespeed was used as 'inspiration' for atsspeed.

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