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IISpeed 0.98.4

We are happy to announce IISpeed 0.98.4! This release contains a lot of fixes, improvements, and new features:
  • New feature: added support for the insert_dns_prefetch filter. Scans the html for domains that browsers will need to resolve, and inserts prefetch entries for them in the head so browsers can start resolving them right away. This can really speed up things, especially for 3g connections.
  • New feature: added support for canonicalize_javascript_libraries. Using this filter, you can ensure that common javascript libraries are rewritten to point to a cdn hosted version at The advantage of this, is that browsers probably already have these in cache. Which files are rewritten to what url is configurable.
  • New feature: Now listens to response headers for configuration
  • Improvement: IISpeed now automatically inflates compressed input it receives
  • Improvement: The module now detects changed server configurations automatically, and reloads on the fly. Removing the need to to restart the application pool
  • Improvement: Safer defaults for limiting the length of urls and url segments when combining resources. This makes sure that IISpeed doesn't generate urls that are longer than IIS will handle out of the box
  • Improvement: now avoids touching introspective javascript by default
  • Improvement: Fixed javascript gzip compression
  • Improvement: Fixed a few cases where IISpeed wouldn't send out an ETag
  • Improvement: Interna lgmapages now have a little bit of css on them
  • Bugfix: A/B Tests ('experiments') fixes
  • Bugfix: general stability improvements
  • Bugfix: fixed a nasty case where we would send out http chunks in the wrong order
  • Bugfix: inheriting configuration from the root now works correctly
  • Bugfix: Track cache statistics, even with a LRU only cache setup
  • Security fix: Tightened up host header handling when fetching resources.
  • Security fix: /iispeed_message and /iispeed_statistics are now only accessible from the local machine by default. You can disable this by putting "IISpeed InfoUrlsLocalOnly off" in iispeed.config.
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